When the red, red robin

I didn't have long in the studio this evening, so I didn't want to get stuck in to anything time consuming... Somehow, this little fellow materialised! I'll work on the background another day.

Giacometti comes to Norwich

I took the afternoon off to go and wander round the Giacometti and Cartier-Bresson exhibitions at The Sainsbury Centre. The guided tour of Giacometti's work and that of his contemporaries was excellent. I now have *too many* ideas! This is one of my all-time favourite photographs: Alberto Giacometti, Maeght Gallery, Paris, 1961 © Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos

When in doubt, start with the alphabet

Current WiP is a typography piece inspired by Jasper Johns but incorporating synaesthesia. I must be out of practice though because half the alphabet currently feels grey... I have a feeling this one might take me a while! Blues and greens are strongest for me, but I'm choosing muted tones.


I thought I'd share some progress photos, starting with a preliminary sketch for a painting I'm planning. Don't worry, the ship has already been successfully evacuated :) Testing the waters... This is the actual painting, so I'd better get it right! Tentacles! The finished piece is hanging in our bathroom, which is decorated like an old submarine, naturally...

Order from chaos

What do you do with an untanglable mass of threads? Why, you make them in to art! *Untanglable is totally a word now. Although it's not technically correct - I could spend the next few days untangling them, but I think I may have more important things to do...

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