Faded Florals

After a week of making earrings, I've packed all my beads away and decided to have a go at using an antique and sadly past its best quilt. It's heavily moth-eaten, but I really like the effect, especially on the border where the background ink was apparently tastier than the floral design. A lot of the remaining fabric was loose from the backing, so I've machine embroidered over the loose pieces in a colourmatched thread, which is really fun :) So far, I'm thinking stuffed heart decorations and hair flowers, but there's an awful lot of quilt so I'm open to suggestions and ideas!


Rummaging through past creations, I found these lovely machine embroidered felt heart brooches. They were a lot of fun to make! See more photos on my craft page :)

Alpha Beta

My experimental alphabet painting is finally finished & photographed, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. It was a real exercise in control - not just of the paint, but also of when to stop. It's not perfect, but that's the whole point. Part of me wants to go back and re-paint the H, but a better part of me says no. I really enjoyed painting this, seeing how thin I could get the outlines, and playing around with textures. I haven't traditionally been patient enough to work on backgrounds first, but it's really paying off and I'm looking forwards to painting on black again and refining the style. Maybe one day I'll learn to paint and breathe at the same time... There are so many tiny det

Feeling festive

The weather this afternoon goes quite nicely with making Christmas crafts. Of course, I actually started these on a sunny day in August, but we'll let that slide. (It's becoming increasingly obvious that I need to get a phone with a better camera! Apologies for the fuzzy - my contract ends in December...)

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