Setting the Scene

I like to think I can see the beauty in everything, but combine that with a fear of failure and it becomes very difficult to paint a foreground over a pleasing background. I have so many prepared surfaces that I love as they are. Perhaps 2017 can be a year of loosening up, photographing everything, and just going for it! Some ATC cards I've been playing with recently. I'm enjoying the drama in the black & white ones!

New Year, New Major Project

Wow, how time flies! Well, Christmas is over, and all my Christmas crafts are packed away again. I have so many projects waiting for a spare moment (or month) that's it's rather exciting! Matt got me a lovely lot of presents this year (we're very much in the lots-of-little-things rather than one-big-gift camp), and several of the cute decoration pieces would look great in a doll's house. Mine is strictly period though, so I joked I should get a new one, and Matt decided I should get a Wilko shelving unit to do up (I 'made' my mother in law a rather successful doll's house a few years ago from a Wilko unit) so... I appear to have a new project. Not a quick one either... Here's the shelving un

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