Fun with felt

The first year I worked in a school, I decided to make the most of the summer holidays and take a short course in machine embroidery. I absolutely loved it, and bought an embroidery foot for my machine, along with various other bits & bobs we'd used on the course. As is the way of things, they got packed away at some point and I slowly convinced myself that it was too much of a faff, and I'd probably forgotten all I'd learnt anyway. Well, today seemed like the right day to put that to the test. The most faffy thing was clearing a table enough to get the sewing machine out! It's not the most amazing thing I've ever made, but I'm pretty pleased with it, and maybe now I'll know I can pick it up

Where it all happens

I thought I'd share with you a couple of photos of my studio, especially because it's looking unusually tidy right now!


Exciting times, when two things you've hoarded for decades finally come together. (Was it Joseph Cornell who collected compositions of objects in shoe boxes?) Slight scale issue to overcome, but it's progress!

Oh Tiger, how could I resist?

I'm sure in some people's opinions I have too many sketchbooks already, but how can you not buy more when they're so full of potential?

Sagenocrinites Expansus

Well that's not quite how I saw the afternoon going! True to form, I went in to the studio to get some paper for a general weekend To Do list, but got distracted by finding an old notebook. A sketch from 11-12 years ago, researched and then made using wire acquired 19 years ago. Might add more beads... Original sketch, from a visit to either the Ashmolean or Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford c.2002 Glad I wrote the name next to the sketch - These were some examples kindly provided by Google. I started re-sketching with the new images as reference, but part way through wondered why I was drawing instead of making...

Shiny new MOO business cards!

My new business cards arrived today and they're absolutely gorgeous. Technology has changed a lot since I last bought them! I fussed for ages over the layout on the info side, only to realise that as my url was the same as my name, I only needed to write one thing. Hours of font research discarded, I wrote it myself :D The only trouble is now I'll have to think carefully about which one to give each person! <3

Enter stage left

Very excited to be launching my new website today! On the advice of you lovely people, brings together my art and my crafts in one place. Have a look and let me know what you think :)

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