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New Year, New Major Project

Wow, how time flies! Well, Christmas is over, and all my Christmas crafts are packed away again. I have so many projects waiting for a spare moment (or month) that's it's rather exciting!

Matt got me a lovely lot of presents this year (we're very much in the lots-of-little-things rather than one-big-gift camp), and several of the cute decoration pieces would look great in a doll's house. Mine is strictly period though, so I joked I should get a new one, and Matt decided I should get a Wilko shelving unit to do up (I 'made' my mother in law a rather successful doll's house a few years ago from a Wilko unit) so... I appear to have a new project. Not a quick one either...

Here's the shelving unit, along with further proof that if you keep something long enough you'll find a use for it. I'm pretty sure it was about 10 years ago that I bought some cheap dolls to play around with making clothes for, but aside from a couple of gifts to friends I didn't get very far. Finally, they'll have a place to call their own.

And it would have been around 20 years ago that I bought the tiny glass jars full of beads, thinking they'd look lovely in a sweet shop (again, not quite fitting with a Victorian kitchen).

The LED stag head is a post-Christmas purchase and I'm going to try and mount it on the wall, which made me wonder about other lighting options.

The plan is to have a bakery / cafe on the ground floor (so many cake cabochons!), a boutique on the first floor (taking inspiration from 6% Doki Doki in Tokyo, and making use of the original doll clothes) and an art studio at the top.

So, lots of decorating, making and assembling to do! Both fun and daunting. I'll keep you up to date with progress... :D

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